Preparing for Your Puppy

Things we recommend when preparing for your goldendoodle puppy


All of our puppies are on Royal canin med size puppy food, we transition them to Royal canin med adult food at 1 year of age. 

Here is our Link from Royal Canin to recive 10% off yor 1st order and 5% off every order after!


We use a variety of bowls and puzzle feeders. In our amazon store you will find some of our favorites.

Kaosfarm Goldendoodles LLC's Amazon Page

The Neater Feeder we use for water until the puppy is mature enough not to dump the water over for fun. 

The snuffle mat, slow feeder bowl and any of the interactive food dispensing toys are great if your dog/puppy eats to fast, or it's a great opportunity for them to use their brain without you needing to be there, (extra mental stimulation is rarely bad) getting a couple different ones to rotate through and keep their brain sharp is also good.

The licky mat is great for training calm behaviors, like laying calm on your bed while we eat dinner, or lick the mat during a bath. We smear something yummy like pummkin, sweat potato, cream cheese or vanilla yogurt

These are a few that our dogs LOVE!  Lean treats that you get from your vet. 

We highly recommend crate training. We like the black metal crates (with a front and side door). We consider the side door a must, the crate can go so many more places in the house and car. We recommend a 20in or 24in crate for all puppies, it is easy to have right by your bed at night for a smooth transition, as the puppy gets older a good size to move into is, Toy/Petite Goldendoodle size is 30-inch, Minature/Mini and Medium Goldendoodle is 36-inch

We recommend a harness for goldendoodle puppies while they are learning to walk on a leash. A collar puts pressure on their developing tracheas.

Toys for goldendoodles
Goldendoodles LOVE toys! Here are a few that we have found that are great and long lasting! 

  • Red or black Kong - not the pink or blue that says it's for puppies - they can chew them up in no time. We put peanut butter in the Kong and give it to them in their crates; they love it!
  • Nylabones - These are great when they are really teething, and even our older dogs like to chew on them. We have found the Dinosaur one to be a favorite for both Puppies and Adults! The Just for puppies ring bone dog teething chew toy is also a puppy favorite
  • Chuckit - for playing ball. These are awesome! If you get a medium size, any tennis ball will fit! (Just don't let your puppy have the tennis ball to chew on, it will wear down their teeth.)
  • Go Dog has fun soft toys, we aways get the ones with the chew guard!:)
  • West Paw Zogoflex toys are a new favorite around here for puppies and adults!

We like and use a tear-free puppy/baby shampoo.


The Soft Slicker brush by Safari is great for puppies, as they get older and their coat gets longer the Chris Christianson slicker brush works great! The best way to make sure your Doodle isnt matted is a metal comb.

Detangler - We use Cowboy Magic Horse Detangler; it works great on doodles' hair.

You can find it on Amazon or at a farm feed store.


Because our puppies are raised with the puppy culture program and come to you happy, confident, and ready to learn, we ask that all our families who get one of our puppies also watch the puppy culture dvd or vod so you can follow along with what the puppies are learning and continue it after you get your puppy home.


The books we have found to be the best are

- Perfect Puppy in 7 days By Dr.Sophia Yin

- Don't Shoot the Dog By Karen Pryor

- Dog Training Revolution: the Complete Guide to raising the perfect pet By Zak George

- Puppy Training for Kids has a great scavenger hunt to do with your new puppy!

For Heartworms
Your vet will have their recommendations; but if given a choice we use heartgard or sentinel.

for Flea anf tick control we use Frontline Plus. We would NOT use trifexis as it has many side affects. We also do not recommend Lepto vaccine for puppies.

Find the Rest of Our Reccomendations in the link below

 Kaosfarm Reccomendations