How We Raise Our Doodles

We believe how puppies are raised the 1st 8 weeks sets them up for the rest of their lives!

We have already carefully picked our parent dogs to produce the best puppy possible in terms of health, temperament and looks.

Once the puppies are here we raise them using the Puppy Culture program. Everything we do with the puppies has a purpose to help them grow into confident dogs that love people and learning new thing.   


One of us is with our expecting mom 24/7 the week before she is due.

At 0-2 weeks: our puppies are born in one of our bedrooms so we are close by for whatever mom or babies might need. Mom gets as much puppy food as she wants as well as an egg every morning for protein. She also gets cottage cheese/yogurt throughout the day for extra calcium. From day 3-16, we do early neurological stimulation and just hold the sweet sleeping babies.

At 2-4 weeks: the baby’s eyes and ears are open; they start walking and getting their bellies off the ground, try to play with each other and their toys, all in slow motion... so cute! The puppies get a new variety of toys to play with every day, all with different textures and noises, this starts teaching them at a young age new things are fun to explore and play with.  At this point, we start litterbox training; they pick up on it quickly. The litterbox teaches them there is a right and wrong place to go—making it much easier to house break.

At 4-8 weeks: the real fun begins! At 4 weeks they move out of our bedrooms and into the living room/dining room where they are in the middle of normal life and lots of hands-on socialization. Now they are really starting to play and interact with each other and with people! Toys are fun! This is also when we start training the puppies, we use a clicker as a marker tool to help the puppies understand.

Goldendoodle dog in a baby pool