About Goldendoodles

Actually, we wondered why we didn't think to breed goldendoodles sooner. When you combine the laid-back, easy-going, willing-to-please, loves everybody golden retriever to the happy, super-intelligent, extremely loyal hypoallergenic and nonshedding poodle, you get the best of both worlds!


Goldendoodles come in every color a poodle comes in. We Love the classic golden retriever colors. You will find our golendoodles in the white, cream, gold, apricot, carmel, red, and occasionally we will have some with a little abstract white on them.


We breed for a wavy to curly non-shedding coat; non-shedding is never a guarantee, but we have a very high rate of non-shedding. We DNA coat test our parent dogs so we know what type of coats they will produce.


With a non-shedding dog comes grooming. With some brushing at home, doodles will need to be groomed every 6-12 weeks. A lot of it depends on how much you like to brush, and if you like the longer shaggy look or the shorter clean-cut look.


Goldendoodles make great family/kid dogs. Our goldendoodles have great laid back temperaments, are very playful, love toys, to hike, swim. play fetch or hang out on the couch!! They are very smart and quick to learn. We raise great puppies, It takes consistent work and training on your end for the great puppy to become an amazing dog. We think that kids and dogs go together. There are great life lessons to be learned from your K9 best friend.


Goldendoodles can come in all sizes and as big as 100+. Our goldendoodles are all under 50 lbs, with some as small as 10 lbs, depending on the parents. Toys are 10-20 lbs, Minis are 20-35 lbs, and Mediums are 35-45 lbs.