Meet Our Moms

Our parents are carefully paired according to their temperament and health clearance. All of our parents are health tested through OFA to meet the GANA Gold level Requirements which include HIPS, ELBOWS, CARDIAC, PATELLAS and EYES. Also DNA tested for DM, Ichthyosis, NEWS, GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2, PRA-PRCD, VWD1, VWD2 and Coat.

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Harper is a 15 pound mulitgen out of our Kali and Ron. Harper is a snuggle bug! She lives with her human mom, doggy sister and kitty sister in Reidsville NC. Her mom is a teacher and runs a dog club that Harper is always ready to jump in and help with.


Julie is 22 pound miniature multigenerational goldendoodle. Julie is the professional snuggle bug in the house! 


Clarice is an adorable multi generational goldendoodle, she is 25 punds and 15 inches tall.

Clarice lives with and is best friends with 4 little girls!! 


Skylar is Our AKC Golden, she is a lover and best buddies with our Son/Brother


Bree! Is an F1 English cream goldendoodle. She is a delight to be around, she loves everyone particularly kids, she loves kids!! You're also a favorite to Bree if you take her on a hike, play fetch, or give belly rubs! It is always a guess as who will get tired of playing fetch first, Bree or the 5 y.o. who is always asking, " can I play fetch with Bree?" Alot of dogs in Bree's family tree are therapy dogs, I have no doubt Bree could be a therapy dog also with her calm confidence, love of all people and intune to emotions, she knows just what you need.


Olive is a 14lb Mulitgen From Jodianne and Ron. Olive has a big heart! she enjoys life  in Greensboro NC with a Sweet family with 2 girls, She is aways ready to Play, take a walk or cuddle up for a good movie/book! she


Sweet Flo (Florence) is an 18 pound multi-gen out of our sweet Ali girl! Flo was born during hurricane Florence. She lives with an amazing guardian family who call her Blue after their college mascot of Butler University.

She is sweet, cuddly and playful!


Tally is a multigenerational goldendoodle weighingin at 27 pounds! Tally lives with her gaurdian family in Summerfield NC, She is happiest when surrounded by her 4 human siblings and revolvingdoor of friends. She loves to be the center of attention and the life of the party.



Bessie is a sweet 15lb petite size Goldendoodle. She is a full sister to our Bob and from our retired Momma Karlie. Bessie is very intune to people and loves to be your sidekick! She is a great Momma!

Abigail Marie

Abigail, who also goes by Abby is a petite Goldendoodle at 19 pounds. She is from our Jodianne and Thomas. Abby is a sweetheart, cuddle bug with a playful personality. She lives in a gaurdian home in Raliegh NC. and is a joy and best buddie.


Marta is a tall 18 lb multigenerational goldendoodle. She lives with 4 sweet girls who have nick named her "Sandy" after the dog on the movie "Annie".






Penelope, who also goes by Nellie is a mini goldendoodle weighing 21 pounds. Penelope is from our Lindi. We are excited to have Penelope to extend Lindi's lines. Nellie is a fun, sweet, playful girl with lots of personality! She lives in a gaurdian home in Greensboro with 3 teens and the whole family adores her and makes sure she has the best life!