Breed Characteristics and Colors

What is an F1, F1b, Mulitgen?

  • F1 is a golden retriever x poodle; you get your wavy coat with minimal to no shedding.
  • F1b is an F1 goldendoodle x poodle; you get a light curly coat to a heavy curly coat. There is minimal to no shedding.
  • MultiGen is a goldendoodle x goldendoodle. Because of DNA testing, we know what hair we will get in each litter, from wavy to curly with minimal to no shedding. 

Sizes of Our goldendoodles: We have Medium, Mini (Miniature), and Petite ( Toy)-size goldendoodles. All of our puppies are under 50 lbs with some of them being as small as 10 lbs.

Colors: You can find goldendoodles in all colors! We love the classic golden retriever colors. You will find our puppies in all shades of white, cream, gold, apricot, caramel, and red. If a golden retriever comes in it, we will have the color in a doodle.

face of Goldendoodle dog