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Contact us through email, text, or call. We can answer any questions you may have, and we will then send you an application. After reviewing your application, we will send you a nonrefundable deposit agreement. A nonrefundable deposit will secure your spot on our list.

We take deposits up to a year in advance. Puppies are picked in the order deposits are received; most of our puppies are sold before they are born. We do reserve the right to 1st pick of each litter.

We do have an application which we are glad to send after you contact us.

We take deposits on the size you are looking for with other details as well ( sex, coat type,  color) we match families with a litter after puppies are born based on what our girls have and what families are loking for in the order deposit are recived. 

Our puppies are usually spoken for before they are born. If we have more than expected, sometimes we will have a puppy available after birth.

We want you to be ready for your puppy. It's a 12-15 year commitment. If you have a deposit on a litter and “life” happens, then we will move you to a later litter; we understand that life happens and sometimes changes things.

Our puppies are $3400. There is a $400 non refundable administration fee, with the balance of $3000 due when you pick your puppy up.

We do not ship our puppies in cargo, as it is too dangerous and stressful for the puppy. You are more than welcome to fly here and take the puppy back as a carry-on, or ask us about our delivery service. If you need/want the puppy delivered, please let us know when you send your deposit. Puppies are delivered when they are  8 weeks of age.

Our Matching prosses,  We spend a lot of time with the puppies, both individually and as a group so we know them really well! We love for families to play with the puppies and see how the puppies interact with different people, then after everyone has met the puppies, we match puppies with families based on temperment and personality.  It's a fun process but not a fast one:) families start coming at 5 1/2 weeks and we usually know where each puppy is going around 7 weeks:)!! 

Yes! You are more than welcome to visit after the puppies are a few weeks old. We just ask that you don't go to any pet stores, dog parks, or other breeders before you come. It's fun to watch the puppies grow!

We Love our Minature Goldendoodles! You will find our Goldendoodles in 3 sizes...Toy/Petite 10-20lbs, Minature/Mini 20-35lbs, Medium/Moyan 35-50lbs

Health and Care

Yes. We believe health testing is very important! All of our dogs have their hips, elbows, heart, and patellas tested thru OFA. Their eyes are examined by an ophthalmologist and certified OFA, and the dads are DNA tested for PRAPRCD. We also do DNA coat testing so we know what type of coat to expect in each litter. Health testing is one of the things we do to ensure that you get a healthy dog! Our parent dogs also come from health-tested parents and grandparents.

Our puppies are dewormed every two weeks starting at 2 weeks of age and have their first vaccine at 6 weeks of age.

Kaos Farm Practices

Yes, weather permitting. Young puppies cannot regulate their body temperatures very well, so time outside completely depends on the time of year and weather. However, if they aren't playing outside, they are playing inside in our living room or kitchen.

Our moms come and go from their puppies as they wish. Moms teach puppies important life lessons about being a dog and how to play nicely with others.

No. The 6-8 week period is a crucial time for puppies to be with their siblings and mom.

Puppies are not ready to be house trained before 8 weeks. Our puppies are litterbox trained—teaching them there is a right and wrong place to go, which makes house breaking easier for both the puppies and their new families.

We send home with each puppy a blanket that has been with him and has scents from his mother and siblings.

We love visits with families who have a deposit and have watch the full Puppy Culture program.

Our moms have 3-6 litters depending on the mom and how she likes being a mom.

No, goldendoodles are not recognized by AKC; our poodles and Goldens are AKC, and our goldendoodles are registered with  Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA) is the first and only breed club established for the Goldendoodle. www.https://www.goldendoodleassociation.com/

Yes! We have a 2-year genetic health guarantee on all our puppies.

No, we sell our puppies on a strict spay and neuter contract. There is a fine if you do breed your Kaos Farm goldendoodle without breeding rights.