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At Kaos Farm Minature Goldendoodles, we breed for all three characteristics: temperament, health, and looks. We don't compromise one over the other, but carefully select our parent dogs so the puppy you get is gorgeous and healthy.

We are taking deposits on current and up coming litters! 

All Puppies are priced at $3400.00 and raised with the puppy culture program.

We occasionally keep puppies to go into our advanced training.

Price reflects age appropriate training.

We do have puppies available in current litters

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Bree and Toby Kindergarten Puppies's Litter

Bree and Toby are the proud parents of these Kindergarten Puppies!
Named After Disney World roller coaster
Blue - Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind *Found his forever family*
Silver - Space Mountain * Found his forever family*
Blue - Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind *Found his forever family*

Guardians! With his luscious cream colored wavy coat Guardians is the picture perfect teddy bear! don't let model status throw you off, this playful guy is ready for the next adventure! He loves the water, hiking, car rides, walking around downtown, you name it! His enthusiastic personality towards life makes Guardians a perfect puppy for the family who wants to enjoy life with their dog! after the fun adventure this sweet puppy is ready to snuggle, whether you're watching a movie or curled up with a good book Guardians will curl up with you! He is ready to be your forever side kick. But don't forget the belly rubs, don't worry Guardians won't let you :) Belly rubs are his favorite! Well kids might be his favorite, Guardians lights up when kids come in the room! 


Being in Kindergarten these puppies are learning a lot!
They know how to Sit on cue, Manding (Sit as a polite way to say Hi or if they want something) Lay Down, Come when called, Eye Contact, Leave it, Place (going to a bed on cue), Loose leash walking, Staying close by while off leash, Sleeping through the night in a crate. They are also learning general house manners, Being calm during a bath and Blow dry, they are fabulous at having their nails trimmed. They are doing great and enjoy age appropriate socialization and outings. They ride in the car nicely, and are learning how to sit calmly on pet friendly patios.
These guys are Rockstars! contact us to learn more

Price is $4500.00 

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Bessie and Mo's Litter

Pregnancy Confirmed!!! Bessie and Mo have puppies coming end of May - Beggining of June!

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