Bree and Toby's Litter

Born: 01/15/2024

Ready to go home: 03/16/2024

Guess who's in Preschool!!!! 

Bree and Toby are the parents of theese lovely puppies!

Born January 15th, they will be ready for their forever families March 16th.

This is a Mini/Medium size litter.

Named after some favorite rides at Disney World

Girls named after simulators

Purple - Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

Remy! This confident girl is ready to join a family and start writing her story! She is sweet and laid back but confident and ready for the next new thing, not to mention her cream colored, curly, teddy bear look. 

Teal - Soarin around the world *Found her forever family*

Boys named after roller coasters

Blue - Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians! With his luscious cream colored wavy coat, don't let model status through you off, this playful guy is ready for the next adventure! He loves the water, hiking, car rides, you name it! He is ready to be your forever side kick. But don't forget the belly rubs, don't worry Guardians won't let you :) Belly rubs are his favorite. 

Red - Tron Light Cycle  

Tron is a mellow fellow with a beautiful curly coat that's apricot and white tuxedo. This sweet boy is laid back and easy going, he loves to be wherever you are!

Tron loves to go on a walk but is also very content just hanging out and snuggling :)

He is ready for his person to build that strong bond with.

Green - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Thunder is a thick coated curly teddy bear! Besides his gorgeous coat Thunder has a enthusiastic and playful personality. He loves life and is ready to try anything! especially if there are kids around, he loves kids! and water! and life! Thunder also calms down nicely and is ready to curl up and snuggle when you are.

Yellow - Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky's coat is the beautiful beachy waves. Just like slinky's golden colored coat, slinky is a ray of sunshine, he brightens up your day with his happy go lucky personality. He loves everyone he meets, and loves meeting everyone. Slinky is very intune with his people. He loves training and is a smart and fast learner

Orange - Expedition Everest *Found his forever family*

Silver - Space Mountain

Space! this sweet snuggle bug has a cream colored curly coat. Space is easy going and just goes with the flow, whatever your doing he's ready to do it to.  Space is a lover, he loves to play and he loves to cuddle.

These sweet puppies are doing fabulous in preschool and advancing their training!

They are curently learning: Default sit instead of jumping, the cue Sit, Down, Hand Target, Eye Contact, Loose leash Walking, Introduction to Crate Training, The Leave it Cue.

They are doing great being calm during a Bath, Blow dry and Nail Trimming.

They are learning how to ride well in the car as well as age appropriate outings/socialization.

All Bree's puppies love kids! which makes sense, kids are Bree's favorite people! :)

Being in Preschool they are priced at $3900.00

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